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Harry West

Harry West

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Name: Harry West
Avatar: Oscar Isaac
Age: 43
Sex: M
Ethnicity:  British (1/4 Spanish via grandparent)
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Gay (out)

Party: Labour
Faction/Subgroup: Tribune, Labourite
Political Outlook: Remainer but has opposed moves to a second referendum. Supported David Miliband in 2010, Yvette Cooper in 2015, and Owen Smith in 2016 (reluctantly) after  disagreements with Corbyn's foreign policy. 
Constituency: Coventry South
Year Elected: 2010

Education: Attended university - Economic History 
Career: Worked as Political adviser to in Labour HQ in the mid 90s after university and a junior SpAd in Tony Blair's first term. Worked for the TUC and instrumental in the development of the "Warwick agreement" between Labour and the unions ahead of the 2005 election. Worked briefly for Brown's government in 2007.
Political Career: from a long running Labour family. Elected for Coventry South in 2010. On the Shadow Treasury bench from 2012 to 2014, and became Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in 2014. Resigned along with Hillary Benn in 2016 after the EU referendum.

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Harry West - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Labour MP for Coventry South (2010 - )

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Posted (edited)

Henry Jr. (known as Harry) was born in 1973 to Henry and Katherine West in Coventry. He comes from a staunchly socialist family, dating from his grandfather - a committed communist who fought in the international brigade and met his future wife (Harry's Grandmother) while in Spain. Harry's grandfather was a committed communist until the late 1950s when he joined the Labour Party.

His father had a varied career in locsl government, union politics, the BBC, and later a Labour councilor and MP for Coventry South (elected in 1983). His parliamentary career was relatively unremarkable: briefly serving in a Shadow frontbench team but disliking the impact on his family life and returning to the backbenches. He left Parliament in 2001.

Harry studied Economic History at university and wad the president of the Labour club. His politics diverged from the more left wing inclinations of his parents and grandfather and he worked for Blair's Opposition team and first government. Uncomfortable with new Labour, he moved to the TUC in 2002 and worked on the "Warwick agreement" in 2004 that secured union funding for Labour's reelection campaign in return for promises on employment rights and public sector expenditure. He returned to SpAd life in 2007 briefly in Number 10, but quickly decided he wanted to enter politics more directly.

He won selection for his father's old seat of Coventry South in 2010 and was elected. His selection was controversial having not lived in the seat for years, but his local connections and fathers enduring popularity saw him through.

While on the party's broad left, he supported David Miliband in 2010 as the most electable candidate and his vision of a community based Labour party. He was promoted to rhe Shadow cabinet in 2014, a position he kept despite not supporting Corbyn's election campaign.

Ideologically, Harry is not instinctively opposed to Corbyn's domestic agenda: while to Corbyn's right, Harry is at home supporting public ownership and was deeply uncomfortable with new Labour's timidity on tax and welfare; and its lukewarm Opposition to welfare cuts in 2015. His real difficulties came on foreign policy: he was among the Labour frontbenchers defying Corbyn to support military action against ISIS, and is known to have been frustrated at Miliband's refusal to intervene in Syria. While considering Owen Smith a "shit" candidate, he thought removing Corbyn was essential for a Labour Party capable of leading the country and has privately expressed deep concerns about Corbyn's foreign policy inclinations. 

Edited by Dame Arya West

Harry West - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Labour MP for Coventry South (2010 - )

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