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Media Rounds


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 Media Rounds

Media rounds are a critical component of communicating with the public. While journalists will pick up on comments made on Twitter or College Green, you are most likely to reach people directly when you appear in the media: namely on television, radio, or podcasts. Unlike speeches, press releases, Twitter, or College Green, media rounds feature direct back and forth with the press. After you post one, you will be asked between 1 and 3 follow up questions by a member of the A-Team acting as a journalist. These follow-up questions are, unfortunately, a key part of the round a not optional.

Media Types

There are four major types of media round that can be done: television, event interviews, radio, and podcast. In terms of influencing the debate, television and event interviews have the broadest reach and impact. Radio shows have broad reach as well, though their listener base might be more geographic or ideological (Times Radio isn't the radio station of the left and BBC Radio Leeds isn't listened to in London). And podcasts tend to have even more niche audiences - though they can be important for speaking to thought leaders in the field (i.e., speaking on a RUSI podcast could help convince experts that you're a serious player on security matters).

  • Television: Television interviews are broadcast for the masses to see. Television interviews are simply a back and forth with a journalist who's show you are appearing on. As it is before 2020, your options for television channels are the BBC, ITV, and Sky News. As is noted below, you are allowed one television media round per quarter.
  • Event Interviews: These are special events that are conducted live at a special event that is attracting media coverage.This would include events such as appearing on the picket line during a strike or after a particularly tense day at Westminster. As a result, these events, like speeches, need to be pre-approved. There needs to be somewhat of a compelling reason for your character to be where they are. As a general rule, journalists are not just trolling around and waiting for comments.
  • Radio: Much like television, a radio interview is a back and forth with the presenter of the radio show. Unlike television, radio has a more tailored audience. Local radio, for example, serves a defined geographic area. Some radio stations have more ideological audience. And, in general, they all love having politicians on to talk about the news of the day.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are a newer form of media. While still in their infancy, podcasts are good for reaching a more ideological audience or a more nuanced audience (an audience focused on a specific issue). You can expect the questions on podcast to be more focused and, potentially, appeal more to your ideology. While these do not reach a broad audience, they reach an important audience - activists and influencers are more likely to listen to them.

Media Round Rules

Each player is entitled to three media rounds per quarter. That three media rounds in the 12 day period comprising a period of three IG months (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December). Of these three, only one may be a television appearance and only one may be an event interview. Additionally, each party leader (or their designee) is able to nominate three additional players for television interviews per quarter (which do not count as that player's one television appearance per quarter). Additional media rounds, including appearances on the Sunday shows, will be awarded by the A-Team.

Media Round Process

Media rounds take place on Discord. Additionally, they only occur one at a time (for the sanity of the A-Team). Prior to starting your media round, ask an admin if they are available to do a media round on a specific topic. If they reply that they are, you are free to start your media round. To do so, post in the Media Round channel on Discord with the following information:


Character Name: [Your name]
Character Position: [Your role]
Media Type: [Television/Event Interview/Radio/Podcast]
Outlet: [name of TV show,  radio show, or podcast]

Statement: [Your opening statement or talking point - please limit this to no more than 250 words].

After you do this, an admin will ask you 1-3 follow up questions to your statement. The entire process should take 15-20 minutes.

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