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MS-10: North Korea

Simon Bleyer

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Mr Speaker,

I rise before the House today to provide an update on the developing situation in North Korea. It was reported earlier this week that they launched two ICBM missiles, which landed in the Sea of Japan. We believe that these missiles would be capable of devliering a nuclear payload, if that were to be the intention. Whilst I cannot provide specific details of a security nature, I would like to reassure the House that we do not percieve a threat to the United Kingdom at this time.

Nevertheless, this government is committed to preserving the safety of the United Kingdom and the world at large. I have been in contact with allies this week, and have agreed a new sanctions package – which will be matched by the United States – that we believe will severely impact the North Korean economy for as long as they continue their nuclear procurement programme. We are hereby putting in a blanket ban on all, and any, imports and exports of: coal, iron, oil, lead, and seafood to and from North Korea; as well implementing restrictions on North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank.

I will also be meeting with the Chinese ambassador shortly to discuss the situation.

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