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Conservative SP: Launch of the Shadow Budget

Jim Robertson

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Shadow Budget Launch


Clarice Ashbridge, the Leader of the Opposition, launched the Conservative Shadow Budget alongside the Shadow Chancellor James Manning at the Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle


Good afternoon, and thank you all for coming.


When I campaigned for the leadership of the Conservative Party, I was clear on the failings of the Government’s reckless budget and the danger that it presents to our economic future. But I was also clear that it is not enough for us just to oppose this. We must present a clear vision, a better vision, of an economy that works for everyone. One that forsakes the huge tax hikes of Labour’s budget, and puts more money back in the pockets of working Britons. One that avoids the dangerous levels of borrowing and massive expenditure of Labour’s budget, but makes sure that our institutions have the funding they need not just to operate, but to excel. One that works for everyone.


And that is what this Shadow Budget, put together by my great friend and exceptional colleague the Shadow Chancellor, seeks to achieve. And will achieve if we are successful in the next election, whenever that may be. There are two main sections of our Budget vision that I will set out today: sustainable and successful spending, and a tax plan that will give back to working people.


If this Budget were to come into force, in the first year the Conservatives would spend over £800 billion on funding and improving the critical services that our country needs to function. We will increase funding of the NHS by £4 billion to protect our health service and support our dedicated workers on the frontline. An extra half a billion pounds will be spent on strengthening our police forces in the fight against crime, and making sure our brave and dedicated police officers get the support that they need. As part of our plans to turn British schools into educational powerhouses, we will spend an additional £2 billion on education within the first year of a Conservative government . Additionally, there will be an end to the benefits freeze, so that the most vulnerable in our society will get the help and the support that they need. And we have managed to do all this whilst cutting the overall size of the government, so that each pound of taxpayers money is being used to it’s full potential


In regards to the tax plan that we have set out, there could not be a clearer difference between us and the Labour Party. Whilst Labour plan large tax increases that will take more money than ever out of the pockets of workers, we will deliver a plan that works for everyone, especially working people who will not see many of the so-called tax benefits that Labour have promised. As I promised in my leadership campaign, our ambition is to raise the personal allowance to £15,000 by 2022, with an initial immediate rise to £12,000: saving working Britons an initial £800 a year. We will not raise corporation tax, or capital gains, because unlike Labour we know that the success of British business is success for us all. We want employers to profit and thrive, for workers to take home more of their pay, and for our economy to keep growing: rather than embracing the anti-growth measures of this government. This plan will deliver taxes that are lower for those who need it most, and fairer for us all.


Britain cannot afford the cost of Labour’s tax hikes and massive spending. Today, we present a clear vision for a better alternative. And when the next election comes, and I have a feeling we’ll see one sooner rather than later, the British people will be able to judge both parties plans for the economy, and make their choice on what vision they want to back. I am confident that they will choose the right track, and back us to deliver for Britain.


Thank you.



(Shadow Budget and explanatory notes from James Manning attached below)

PDF_document.pdf Shadow_Budget.pdf

The Hon. James Robertson MP

Shadow Home Secretary (1986 - present)

Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Security (1985 - 1986)

Member of Parliament for Motherwell South (1983 - present)

Member of Parliament for Motherwell and Wishaw (October 1974 - 1983)


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