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Rules: Ministerial Statements


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Ministerial Statements are brief statements made to Parliament, and functionally to the public via the Press, on issues of Government concern. Any member of the Ministry may make a Ministerial Statement.

Ministerial Statements are briefly debated--not more than 4 days after the initial statement is made--but differ from other debates in that there is no vote at the end of the debate. A Minister wishing to have a longer debate on an issue is advised to schedule a Topical Debate with the Speaker (read: an admin) on the subject rather than using the format of a Ministerial Statement.

Any player may reply to a Ministerial Statement or otherwise participate in the discussion, including other Ministers of the Crown.

When a Minister has an update for the House on the same subject as a previous Ministerial Statement, it should be given in a new thread rather than as a reply to an existing statement, even if the existing statement's debate has not expired.

Arnold J. Appleby

MP for North Bedfordshire (1979-Present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary

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