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Thomas Randolph


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Thomas Randolph | CON | New Forest West


Name: Thomas Michael Randolph
Avatar: Maxime Bernier
Age: 55 in 2018 (b. 1963)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon
Marital Status: Married, three children
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Party: Conservative and Unionist Party
Faction/Subgroup: No Turning Back | Free Market Forum
Political Outlook: Fiscal conservative (with an emphasis on tax cuts and supply-side reforms to spur economic growth). Leave campaigner (with support for removing EU regulations and legislation with haste) - but not opposed to legal immigration as an avenue for increasing productivity. Personally socially conservative, but this is not a hill he's willing to die on. Libertarian in outlook.
Constituency: New Forest West
Year Elected: 2010

Education: Thomas Randolph attended a public school before going on to Oxford to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. While at Oxford, he was among the leadership of the Oxford University Conservative Association. Randolph graduated in 1984.
Career: Right out of university, Randolph went to work for the Institute for Economic Affairs as a communications associate. He worked at the IEA through 1988, when he was hired as a press aide by Margaret Thatcher's Downing Street team. In 1990, he moved to America where he was a policy analyst for the libertarian Cato Institute until 1997. Randolph returned to the UK to serve as William Hague's lead press advisor when Hague was Leader of the Opposition. After that, Thomas Randolph established a media and communications firm that supported conservative causes and Conservative candidates. The firm branched out into public relations for corporations and interest groups by 2007. Randolph sold the firm following his election to Parliament in 2010.
Political Career: Thomas Randolph first stood for Parliament in what was thought to be a safe seat in 2001, but lost during Tony Blair's second landslide. He later stood for New Forest West in 2010, after Desmond Swayne decided to leave Parliament. Randolph was elected in 2010, and re-elected in 2015 and 2017.

Thomas Randolph (Conservative MP for New Forest West since 2010)

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