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John Francis Shade

John Francis Shade

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Name: John Francis Shade
Avatar: Dirk Bogarde
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Believed heterosexual, closeted homosexual

Party: Conservative
Political Outlook: Elements of Euroscepticism, Monday Clubism, Cornerstone
Constituency: Woking
Year Elected: 1997

Education: Eton, Oxford
Career: Journalist and author before becoming MP in 1997
Political Career: MP for Woking 1997 - 


John Francis Shade is married to Elizabeth Shade (nee Kinbote). They have been married for twenty years.  They have three children - two twin boys (non-identical) Charles and Sebastian (10) and a daughter Mary. John and Elizabeth have known each other since they were children and surprised everybody when they announced their engagement just after Charles' 21st birthday, as everybody assumed that they were just good friends. They were married four years later.


There is a little-known fact about Charles and Elizabeth's marriage. It is, in fact, a marriage of convenience to hide Charles' homosexuality and Elizabeth's bisexuality - in order that they could succeed in their careers without any potential discrimination. 

Charles' worked for the Daily Mail as a journalist for a few years before he decided to turn his hand to writing.  His first collection of short stories was a best-seller and the titular story "He Made Me Do It!" was considered to be the best of the collection. After a few more collections of stories were published he was able to retire from journalism and devote his time to writing. His novels "An Affair To Remember" and "The Kindness of Strangers" were praised as modern day classics. However, his next novel "Rule Britannia!", set in a dystopian Britain had mixed to negative reviews with one critic describing it as "Ayn Rand's wet dream". He took a further misstep with his next publication - a feature-length essay entitled "What Would Enoch Powell Do?" - which many of his fans thought was "too much politics" and  was blasted by many on the left as being "nothing more than hero-worship." At this point he returned to short story writing and enjoyed moderate success.

Charles retired from writing when he was elected MP. 





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