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Colton SP: Downing Street Speech


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I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen and I will now form a majority Conservative government.


It is with a pressing sadness that the nation finds itself with a new Prime Minister. I give thanks to my friend and colleague David Cameron for laying the foundations for a Conservative government to now be in power after ten long years on the opposition benches. 


One thing is clear: the country wants change. In our election campaign we promised the nation substantive change in the form of a new approach, a change of the politics of old which has dominated the political landscape of the last decade. Britain deserves a government that will work to form a big society, not diminish it by imposing top down control imposed by the powers that be who occupy many of these buildings we see around us. We as a nation need to install the tenets of a strong society and we can only do that when we strengthen our nation to better work together as one family.


We will deliver on this change by creating an economy that works for everyone in our nation. That means creating an economy where people keep more of what they earn, where working people have a stake in our country’s future, and where every person no matter where they live has an equal shot at success. We aren’t going to build an economy that works for all by sentencing our children and grandchildren to a life of endless debt. Instead, this Government believes we build this better economy by making smart investments, giving taxpayers good value for money, encouraging personal growth and encouraging enterprise, to name a few. We will build an economy which is fair, gets our country moving and transforms Britain into a true meritocracy where the only factor that determines one's success is if they're willing to work for it. 


During the campaign, we told you that we will back the NHS and that is what we will do in government. We will send money directly to patient care, not to a top heavy bureaucracy. We will give healthcare professionals the trust their position needs and not politically directed targets. We believe in an NHS that is accessible and open and that is why we were elected to deliver on an urgent 24/7 care service. These are all policies which will result in a better NHS, free at the point of use for everyone in the nation. 


We all expect our children to learn in good schools. That will be the government's policy. We will increase the standards of our schools throughout the nation by ensuring good quality candidates teach in them - the key to a good education is the access for every child to a good teacher. We will ensure that each of our manifesto commitments on education are met so that all of our children get the best start in life. 


The government asks the nation to follow it on its journey where we will deliver this change for Britain. We will do these things and so much more. Only together can we build a nation and a society that works for each and every one of us.

Thank you.

The Rt Honourable Nicholas Colton MP

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service

Member of Parliament for South West Surrey



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