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Party Conferences - Kandler - 11-17-2019

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time of year, the time when Westminster travels to the seaside for a fun day out filled with vacuous nonsense from the UK's political class. Conferences will take place in the four irl days that will make up October, to reflect the late notice September is being extended to allow you guys to cope. October shall therefore begin in earnest at 00:01 on the 20th of November irl.

Party Leaders will be able to choose how many days they want conference to be, this must be communicated to the A-Team by no later than 11:59pm on the 19th, ie the day before Conferences begin. Conference may last for no more than 4 irl days and each irl day may have between 2 and 4 submissions/speeches. Surrogate speeches are allowed (think Guy Verhofstadt at this year's Lib Dem conference) but the speaker and the speech must be signed off by an admin before you can use them. 

Forums and threads will be going live soon so look out for them, in the meantime have fun and happy planning!

RE: Party Conferences - Margo_Leadbetter - 11-17-2019

Guy Verhofstadt will not be welcome at our conference. Nor will Monsieur Delors.
Thank you.