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Rules: First Reading
Bills are introduced, but not debated, in First Reading, with the exception of a speech by the introducer. Generally speaking, only Bills introduced as scheduled Private Member's Bills and Government Bills will receive time for Debate. Along with your bill, you may post a speech introducing the bill: in fact, we would advise you to do this, because it will stimulate debate.

The bill will not, however, be debated before it is moved to Second Reading. This can be done by the Leader of the House or the Prime Minister for Government Bills, or by the Shadow Leader of the House or Leader of the Opposition for Opposition day PMBs (which can only be moved on Friday). Exceptions to this rule empowering others may be made by the A-team or preferably by the Party Leadership in the event of absence of both the Leader and the House Leader.

Moving a bill to Second Reading is simple. Whomever is moving the motion posts something like this (do whatever you like with it, you may omit referencing the Speaker, but please bold the text for further emphasis):

Quote:Mr. Speaker,

I beg to move that the Bill be read a First Time and be Printed.

Quote:Mr Speaker,

Please move to Second Reading.

As soon as an AV sees that the bill is being moved, he will move the bill to Second Reading. There is no waiting period.
... What bill?

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